I believe that all the Words of the Bible could be
debated, and all the people of God could forever
disagree - but offer that if they only lived Luke
10, then the disagreements would truly be minor
in the eternal scales of God.

In a way, this is a crazy over simplification of the
Bible .... but for the Bible to be livable to all
peoples -- from the mildly mentally retarded to
the genius -- then it strikes me that the Bible is
truly reducible to two (2) commandments that
even the mentally retarded girl that delivers mail
in my work's building can comprehend and
thereby lay up treasure in heaven.

    Perhaps, in the eyes of eternity, she is
    richer in heaven than I shall ever be.

I personally don't find debate over doctrines of
God's gender-usage as "he", roles of marriage,
rites of baptism, concepts of elder-ship, the
biblical use of wine, and many other doctrines as
worthy of my time and heart.  I want to know
rather, the wound that is driving the person that
is hurt, and speak to that wound, pouring in oil
(comfort) and wine (the word of God).  But,
that may just be Caryn, and the reality that I
tend to love certain "musics" far more than

    By analogy, I don't really like to debate the
    violin, but adore playing it.

I think part of your frustration, dear sister, is
that you are a young master violinist and have
become more and more one with your
instrument, so to speak.  You want your violin of
doctrines to speak out to the lost and the
wounded, and if they are not touched by your
music, you are sad.  And rightfully so.  

But, dear lady, your sadness is because you
understand the instrument is not a debate of
best wood nor argument of better string, but
that you "know" the violin is the platform from
which music is hurled into the air and hearts are
stirred by every note.

I think that the violin was never meant to sit
within a box and never be opened for handling
and questioning and usage; the violin was never
meant to be simply admired once a week and
debated only among the intellectuals; nor was
the violin meant to be hidden from the
multitudes crying out to hear music that would
heal their hearts.

You're a master violinist.  No wonder you are
upset with the churches.

    You live to have your hands touch the wood
    and bow, and to create the music of your

    You play what tunes you perceive the Spirit
    inspires you to play.  

    Indeed, you probably no longer need all
    that library you have boxed up and placed
    away... the violin and your heart are one
    now, and the music of doctrines within
    those books (however magnificent) is not
    the music of your heart for this moment for
    that person in need.

You're a master violinist.  No wonder you feel so
very alone.

    But hon, you are alone.  You are one of the
    few.  Soon, you may even have trouble
    relating to the beginning violinists and
    especially to the remedial players that insist
    on endless repetition of scales as "the only
    way" to play music.  Their hearts and their
    instruments are two separate objects --
    they are not one with the instrument.

Jesus said to his disciples, "I have meat to eat
that you do not know of."  I don't really think it
was an insult, but rather the statement of the
Master Violinist concerning the concerto of love
He had just played, to His students that had not
even mastered the first scale.

I really do want you to stay on the stage that
God has given you, playing the music of your
heart to those that visit us on our yahoo group.

But, you are going to feel more and more alone.  
That is simply the maturing of a master violinist.  

    Many are called to this part of life; most
    walk away totally discouraged by the sense
    of being alone.  

    But, really, I think walking away is too late
    for you -- you've heard the music of love
    over doctrine, healing over recital of verses,
    and have become one with the instrument
    of your own mind and the Spirit.  It is really
    too late for you, I think.

What a choice!  To stay and play as lifted by the
music of love and healing, and to realize that you
are so incredibly alone.  Or, to walk away from
the stage that God has given you, and forever
try to deny the sense of having once become
one with the music of His love being out poured.  

Was this what Christ meant by becoming like
Him... to play so beautifully and so healing... but
to touch loneliness as so few have upon this

    The violinist that has played a gypsy piece
    by memory until the music haunts his
    dreams, can seldom return to playing
    elementary scales.

But what happens to the young master violinist?  
I think what happens is this:  

  • You will realize that the full concerto is not
    always needed.  
  • You'll hear some of the junior player's
    scales as off-key and determine when to
    mention the proper key, when to ignore the
    proper key altogether, and when to play
    the right key harmonizing with the improper
  • You'll slow down the fast part, and outline
    what should be the quick passage in long
    notes carefully, so that more in the
    audience can truly "hear" it.    
  • Other times, you'll play the same first theme
    with a bow, then repeat it with a pluck, then
    repeat it by humming;
  • Sometimes, you won't play at all, but listen
    to their wounded small scales.

A master violinist knows what tune the Spirit has
placed within His heart, and tries to determine
how best to represent that tune to the audience.

And then, the violinist plays.  He plays as if only
the Spirit of God were there to applaud him.  For
some moments of time, no one else matters.

Hon, be strong.  The maturing of a master
violinist involves hearing the Spirit's tune and
becoming one with the instrument of doctrines.  

But then, that maturing moves into
understanding the capacity of the audience to

And then, when the curtain rises, and the
fingers race, the master violinist closes his eyes,
and imagines that only God is listening, and
smiles, for only God's applause is what matters.

Don't leave the stage, young lady.  You are just
beginning the career that matters.

Much love in Christ always and unconditionally;



(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
The Maturing Master Violinist
She plays her instrument of
doctrines so well.

Yet, she feels alone.

She is able to do so much
automatically now.

She is a young and maturing
Master Violinist.

Many are called.  Few can
withstand the stage.

Be strong, there is only one
applause that matters, don't you

Much love;  Caryn


The Maturing
Master Violinist

Dearest S.:

I think we both strongly lean
towards the concept that the
entire New and Old Covenants
come down to two (2)
commandments, and agree that
Luke chapter 10 redefines the
second commandment.
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