I have no idea where the doctrine of "God does not
make mistakes" became "God does not make
transgenders."  Really, I don't.  But let's wander
down that path for a bit....

We are made of spirit, soul, and body per First
Thessalonians  5:23.

We are born with 'cancer' of the spirit, so to
speak.  It is an unstoppable disease called a 'fallen
nature'.  It can be forgiven by God.  It can be
overcome by God's work within us.  But, the cancer
causes 'death to reign in us' so much so that 'if any
man says he has no sin, the same is a liar.'  It is a
very pervasive cancer.

Some are born with a cancer of the body.  Young
children die from various cancers.  It is a tragedy.  
It is a horror.  It is something no one likes to think

Given that there are 'cancers' of the spirit and
'cancers' of the body, do I then think that the 'soul'
must always be born 'cancer-free'?  Of course not.  
I have read of far too many mental disorders to
believe that the soul is born 'cancer-free' at all
times.  Some mental disorders appear at birth
(think of autisms); some appear in adolescence (bi-
polar disorder comes to mind); some appear later in
life (too many to mention).

Let's say it together..."God does not make
mistakes"... hmmmm... then I am forced to believe
that God has deliberately subjected the human race
to spiritual cancer (in hopes that some might be
saved).  I am forced to then also believe that God
subjects some children to body-cancer (for
purposes that are higher than my thoughts, as the
heaven is above the earth).  

I am then forced to also believe that every mental
disorder [that is, every non-human non-accident
induced disorder] is from the hands of God.  

If I believe there is 'cancer', then it follows that I
should also believe that there are lesser 'diseases'
as well.  Perhaps GID is analogous to cancer-of-the-
soul, and dual-gendered are like leprosy-of-the-
soul, and chronic cross-dressers have asthma-of-

Unfortunately, all this reasoning down the 'god-
does-not-make-mistakes path' forces me to believe
in a God that is so above the human mind, that He
must be literally an incomprehensible God with
knowledge of past, present, and future, and must
have the willingness to sacrifice much to gain (what
appears to me to be) little.  Indeed, He sacrificed
His only begotten Son to create a 'narrow way that
few find'.

So, I conclude that 'God-does-not-make-mistakes'
is true, but it staggers my mind.  It is too great a
burden at times to know a General that is willing to
sacrifice so much to gain back but a few before this
present age draws to a close.  Like Job, I begin to
mentally crumble as God makes His 'defense'.  I
want His 'defense' to stop, now... but in the end, all
I can do is repent in dust and ashes before His

There is a sister doctrine which I call 'mental
plasticity'.  It states: "God makes every mind
perfectly plastic and therefore perfectly
recoverable".  This would imply that every mental
disorder (small to great) would be overcome in this
life because the human mind is so 'plastic' and re-
moldable.  There are variations, such as "God
makes every mind perfectly recoverable if you
pray/fast/have faith/repent/struggle enough".  

But the scripture states, "Then the LORD said, "My
Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is
mortal ; his days will be a hundred and twenty
years."  [Genesis 6]  This verse strongly implies
that our human minds are enormously 'plastic' and
able to contend with the Spirit, and therefore able
to conform perfectly to the image of Christ ... if we
only lived forever.  But God shortened our days, so
that even if we had incredible plasticity of mind, we
do not have enough time to perfectly conform to
His image.

Because I focus on an unlimited God and limited
human lifetime, my conversations with others tend
to become quite odd:

- <other person speaking> Hey, Caryn, God does
not make mistakes!

     -- <Caryn speaking>  Very true.  God gives
    children cancer, and has them die young for
    reasons only known to Him.

- No!  What I meant is that God could not give you
Gender Identity Disorder or any form of

      -- Oh, sorry.  I missed the point.  But if God
    gives children body-cancer, He is certainly able
    and willing to give me a form of soul-cancer,

- No!  You are wrong!  God would never do that!  I
mean... that's scary, because then He might
expend any Christian soldier as He wished.  Even if
He did give you Gender Identity Disorder or bi-polar
disorder or schizophrenia, the mind is perfectly
plastic and can conform to Christ if you repent!  

      -- Oh, sorry again.  I keep missing the point.  
    I've studied myself carefully, and barely have
    enough years left to focus on the fruits of the
    Spirit growing in my life -- love, joy, peace,
    longsuffering, patience, goodness,
    faithfulness, and self-control.  I'm afraid that
    I'll be dead before I get around to working on
    GID, really.

- You are a slave to sin!

     -- And if I could gain my freedom, I would.  
    But if I cannot, then I will 'think nothing of it'.  
    Isn't that what the Bible teaches?

- Caryn!  You don't understand me!  I am totally
frightened of a God that might be 'god' and expend
me too!  You scare me!  You need to heal so that
my expectations are not threatened!  And your
attitude of serving Him with that ... that 'problem'...
means that you believe in a mercy that
overshadows your all-too-short life!  

- Please go away!  I need to believe in a God that
will never hurt me!  I need to believe in a God that
will have the same priorities that I have!  I need to
earn His mercy many times over before I feel
worthy to serve Him!

     -- You said it better than I ever could have,
    my friend.  Let's pray together, and then I'll
    leave you until you are ready to chat with me
    again, k?  

Much love in Christ always and unconditionally;



(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2008
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
God Does Not Make Mistakes, Right?
Buried in her letter on TG-
Christians , the yahoo group that I
so enjoy, was the phrase "God
does not make mistakes".

I've heard the phrase enough to
realize that it is a slogan of sorts.  

    But what does it really mean?  

    And what does it truly show in
    the heart of those that speak
    the slogan?

Here are some of my thoughts.

Please enjoy!



God Does Not
Make Mistakes,

Dear R:

I have met only one person that
actually said, "God does not make
mistakes" and she (an
Evangelical) accepted me after
learning that my mother recalled
taking DES in week 6 of her
pregnancy with me.
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