"Did she cry like me?" I asked.

"Her tears were very much like yours." He softly

I took another breath, and shook my head, "But
really, I'm not as wise as her ... because she
brought you perfume, right?  ... And I have
nothing to give you... nothing at all...."

"I never wanted her perfume," the One softly
replied, and then added, "Dear Caryn, I wanted
her heart.... the others noticed the gift of
perfume, I saw the gift of her heart."

"Tell me again, please," I continued, "Please,
again... I need to hear that saying of yours,
once more."

He smiled.  "Of course," and then he quoted,
"Those that are forgiven much, the same love

"I still ... can't hear it..." I whispered.

"I know," the One replied.  And then, He sat
with me in the corner, holding me tight
throughout the night till the shadows slipped


(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2006
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
In The Corner
I have chosen no introductory
statement for this poem.

If you can hear it, then you



In The Corner

The One found me on the steps at
night, unable to go in, sitting in the
corner where the shadows hid my

He stopped, and stood by me until
I could speak.

"Tell me again," I asked Him, "was
her hair like mine?"

He replied, "Yes, Caryn, so very
much the same."

"Was she frightened of you, at
times, that is... like me?" I asked.

"Yes, she stood behind me the
entire time... she was very
frightened." He replied.
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