Q:  Don't you feel compelled to return to being

    A:  Ummmmm.... let me think about that for
    2 seconds.... ah... no.

Q:  Aren't you concerned about God's wrath and

    A.  Oh yes!  Very much so!  That's why I
    became a Christian years ago.  It's called
    'sal... va... tion'.

Q:  I understand that a pastor wrote you with
the following: 'All you need is repentance and
God will change you back into male -- He can
heal any mental/neuro disorder.'  Your

    A.  I know of a home that watches over
    several partial schizophrenics, that pastor's
    faith could heal them all!  Let's go!  When
    are you and he available?

Q:  Do you like it when men hit on you or do you
feel like a sexual object?

    A.  Yes.

Q:  Do you feel like your career has been
affected by becoming a female computer

    A.  I get hired much faster, and reminded
    that there is a glass ceiling much sooner.

Q:  Do you get harassed at work?

    A.  I get asked to take the "minutes" of a
    meeting much quicker (but I am good at it).  
    My boss makes his own coffee, but I do
    bring cookies to work... from CostCo... I'm
    not a good cookie-maker, really.  

Q:  No really, do you get harassed at work?

    A:  Only when I bring my own cookies... no
    one accepted my statement that "these are
    chocolate chip cookies, Cajun style".  They
    all called them 'burnt'.

Q:  Come on.  Do you get harassed at work?

    A.  When the visual overcomes the
    semantic, then there is acceptance.  When
    the semantic overcomes the visual, then
    there is rejection.  "Man looks on the
    outward things -- God looks on the heart."  
    My 'visual' is very female.  So, what little
    harassment I've had, has always been
    apologized for, because I took the
    harassment with the quiet  look of a
    woman, saying, "hey... that comment hurt."

Q:  Have you ever been defended at work?

    A.  Yes.  "Man looks on the outward
    things."  I use to work with a retired
    Marine.  He liked my "outward things".... He
    defended me all the time.  He was a real

Q:  Have you been harassed at church?

    A.  "Man looks on the outward things -- God
    looks on the heart."  My last pastor believed
    he was God... 'nuff said.

Q:  I hear that one of your sisters will not speak
with you?

    A.  No.  That's incorrect.  It is really that
    TWO of my three sisters won't speak with

Q:  I understand that the two sisters in question
barely spoke to you for 30 years, and that you
often lived thousands of miles away from them.  

    A.  Correct.  I now live about 3,000 miles
    from them.

Q:  I understand that your two sisters in
question contacted you often and spoke to you
only when you decided to transition.

    A.  That is also correct.

Q:  Why did you not agree with your two sisters
in question?

    A.  Gosh... let me think... 30 years ... living
    apart by thousands of miles... now apart by
    3,000 miles... barely any real
    communication... until I decided to transition
    to full-time female.  Hmmmm... this is a
    tough one, yanno.

Q:  Are your boobs real?

    A.  Hmmmm... you already asked that
    question... and you're short... and I'm
    standing... guess it's time for me to sit
    down, right?


Hugs!  Caryn

(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2006,2007

PS.  The above was written in 2006.  After my mother passed away
in April of 2007, one of the 'two sisters in question' began to handle
our face-to-face communications in a mature manner.  Perhaps the
remaining 'sister in question' will one day understand why she is
tormented by my decision... oh, the answer to her torment is
hidden in the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant, in Matthew chapter
18 (the Bible).  'Nuff said!  <smile>

Much love always;  Caryn
The Collection of Short Works,
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The Best Of the Silly Questions
Where would life be without
sincere and very silly questions?  

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The Best Of The
Silly Questions

Q:  Are your boobs real?

    A:  As real as the doctor could
    make them.

Q:  How tall are you, really?

    A:  When I feel tall, I'm just
    under 6 foot 2 inches.  When I
    feel short, I'm just over 5 foot

Q:  Pardon me for saying this, but
I think you would have made a
very ugly guy.

    A:  Thank you!  I love you!
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