The Maturity Of The

[Dear E.]:  

To realize that many Christians cannot perceive
the words of Jesus, can cause quite a grieving
process.  I enjoy Kubler-Ross' model of grief, as
I think it covers much that we experience.

And I really cannot tell from your letter where
you are in the grieving process.  If you are
angry, I offer you a hug and empathy; if you are
bargaining with them, I will wait until you tire of
the heavy burdens they lay upon you; if you are
depressed, I hope that you will hold to Jesus all
the closer.

I offer that at the end of the grieving process
does come acceptance - not surrender, but a
quiet calm acceptance that many are called to
maturity, but few wish to answer the call.

The scripture is like an automobile - the scripture
does not change its theme.  After all, your quote
in Matthew is even more stark in Ezekiel 34,
where the lost and the strays are to be sought
out by the shepherds, and the fat sheep are
rebuked for driving out the weak sheep.  And
yes, the shepherds are removed from their
office for their irresponsibility.

But the maturity of the 'driver' is what matters.  

immature see the car as a vehicle that
allows a rush to battle, an excuse to isolate from
the 'sinner', a reason to avoid the wounded, a
marker for successful division, and on and on.

mature see the scripture as a vehicle that
allows a walk towards peace-making, a
measured response to ensure they eat and drink
with 'sinners', a call to heal the wounded even
at personal cost, and a marker for practicing the
art of reconciliation.

If Jesus is speaking to you about maturity, then
luv, you are blessed.  

Drive your car as He did.  

Hugs; Caryn


(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
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The Maturity Of The Driver
A gentleman  posted some very
Christian thoughts about the
not being willing to hear
the words of Christ towards the
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and
Transgender (LGBT) world.  

Here is the scripture that
concerned him:

    “What do you think? If a man
    owns a hundred sheep, and
    one of them wanders away,
    will he not leave the ninety-
    nine on the hills and go to look
    for the one that wandered
    off? And if he finds it, I tell
    you the truth, he is happier
    about that one sheep than
    about the ninety-nine that did
    not wander off. In the same
    way your Father in heaven is
    not willing that any of these
    little ones should be lost."  
    [Matt. 18:12-14]

Here is my reply to that
gentleman.  First, I wished to
make certain he was OK; but then,
to also add to his thoughts.

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