And the third man that came upon the wounded,
stopped,  assisted the man, and showed the love
of God.

That third man was a Samaritan - a half-breed
by birth and a half-worshipper of God by
religion.  And of course, from this parable we
learn how Jesus redefined the word "love" in the
commandment, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as

But what if... what if... the first two religious
men had pondered the evil of avoidance, and
reconsidered their incredible sin?

What if... what if... they had been moved by the
Spirit of God to pen an apology to the wounded
man, even years later?

Apologies can be a healing touch for many.

May this apology help to heal you.



The Spirit's Apology To

Dear L.:

I have thought off and on about your letter for
some days.

I have really only heard the Spirit say "He must
hear the apology".

I understand what He means.

So, I and many of the others that have read
your letter, stand in the gap for those that failed
you -- we take their place and accept their
poverty as ours -- and we hereby state:

    - on behalf of those that abused you --
    please accept our apology, for we were
    wrong to not come alongside of you;

    - on behalf of those that refused to see your
    tears - please accept our apology, for we
    were threatened and frightened, and hid
    from you;

    - on behalf of those that placed scriptures
    under your door -- please accept our
    apology, for we were angered that God
    may not always give us easy solutions;

    - on behalf of those that could no longer
    speak with you -- please accept our
    apology, for we had so seldom encountered
    situations that left us with only the tool of
    unconditional love.

We failed you.  We deserted you.  

Thank you for forgiving us.

Our deepest apologies.

Most sincerely;

The Spirit of God in His Vessels of Clay.

(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
The Spirit's Apology To You
I really did not know the man.

I read his letter though, sent to a
number of folks, about how the
Christian University personnel had
persecuted him during his divorce.

The people had shoved scrapes of
paper under his office door with
scriptures written on them.  They
refused to speak with him.  

Worse of all, they did not stand
with him during his tears.  They
did not come alongside of him to
help bear his burdens.

His letter haunted me, as some
letters do.

And then, late one night, I read his
letter once again.  And then, I
penned a reply.

Perhaps this is a reply for all those
that were "set upon by robbers"
as stated in the parable of the
Good Samaritan.  

You know the story, right? The
first two men to come across the
beaten body that was nearly
dead, walked on the other side of
the road, perhaps to avoid the
blood and the wounds.

The first two men were very
religious men.
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