My prayers become a memory of days gone by,

But my eyes -- searching, hoping, seeking, -- say
more than all my praise, all my fears, and all my

When praise is denied to my lips, when my ears
are deaf to any encouraging words, when the
sun of this life has beaten down too long upon
these weakening shoulders -- I look to heaven.  

Sometimes, all I have left to offer God are
expectant eyes.

How did the deaf and mute plead with our Lord
over 2000 years ago?  I think, but cannot prove,
that they beseeched Him with expectant eyes.

And Jesus saw in those eyes -- those expectant
eyes -- the faith of a child overwhelmed.  And
then, He intervened.  

"I watch for the Lord, more than the watchmen
that look for the sunrise."

Even if your hope is weakened, your eyes seem
strong.  You are blessed, D., for you still have
expectant eyes

You are in my prayers;



(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2006
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
Expectant Eyes
A member of  TG-Christians,
wrote of struggles at work, with
"rumors of rumors" that wore a
person down.  

Sometimes, we just don't have the
strength to quite pray, don't you


Expectant Eyes

Dear D.

I like to think our hearts rejoice
with you, and weep with you.

You have a beautiful and balanced
perspective:  you recognize your
limitations, and feel the pain of
security that is eroding; yet, you
look to Him with expectant eyes.

Sometimes, that's all I have to
offer my Jesus - expectant eyes.

The praise is gone from my lips,
but my eyes look to Him.

The fear has eroded my hope, but
my eyes look to Him.
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