So, the single polygamous marriage in Holland,
one of them, may start a domino-effect
reaching across the Atlantic and igniting the fires
of polygamy across the United States.  And, the
legalization of 'gay marriage' will be to blame.

By the way, in that published "article" was not
one scripture quoted from the Bible.

Again, in reality, the Magazine is living up to its
creed of "news and commentary from a Biblical
perspective".  A "Biblical perspective" does not
necessarily mean the same as a "scriptural
referenced perspective".  

OK.  Enough said.  Here is my reply to Julie,
using a scriptural referenced perspective.

Enjoy!  Caryn


Christianity Today

Dear Julie:

I am thrilled for you, for our community, and for
the greater Christian community, as well!  How
wonderful that Christianity Today will even
consider the topic of the 'transgender

I hope that Christianity Today will handle your
interview information in a mature manner and
help many pastors to rethink Ezekiel chapter 34.  
After all, if we are the weak and the wounded
with a genuine mental disorder, then they are
guilty of scattering us abroad and continuing to
tempt God to remove them from being pastors...
if we are 'sexually immoral by choice', then they
are right in holding corporate
excommunication/reconciliation (and/or
individual shunning) against us.

Sadly, some invent "corporate shunning" and
dismiss us privately via telephone calls and/or
letters, thinking it is noble to do this "privately".  
There is no such thing as 'corporate shunning' -
it is an excuse to avoid allowing us a defense per
Matthew 18, to avoid the 'whole church' hearing
the testimony of witnesses and joining in the
judgment [I Corinthians 5], and to avoid
allowing forgiveness and reconciliation later to
the one that was excommunicated [II
Corinthians 2].  But why such creative thinking
to avoid us and alter the Word of God?  Why?

Still others refuse to seek out expert medical or
Christian psychological insight, and thus deny the
full wisdom available to them via the Body of
Christ [I Corinthians 12].  They may not even
speak to us a single word, but hold a private
counsel to rush through removing 'the sinner'
from their midst.  Can they not hear Ezekiel's
words? - "You have not strengthened the weak
or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You
have not brought back the strays or searched
for the lost. You have ruled them harshly and
brutally."  No, they cannot hear the prophet
speaking the words of God, and they do not
even consider that they may be "removed from
tending the flock", because of their rush-to-
remove attitude.  Why such lack of fear for the
Words of God among pastors?  Why?

Even our own testimony that we have fought
this 'disorder' to the point of near-death does
not touch their heart -- the wall of repulsion is so
thick, so high, and so wide and even the least
compassion of being heard is blocked... the
concept of mercy is withheld... and they 'tie
heavy burdens for us and then do not lift a
finger to help'. [Matthew 23]  Why such
repulsion and why such a reaction?  Why?

Perhaps it is simply because of our outward

Is it possible that they cannot hear what the
Lord said to Samuel the prophet: "Man looks at
the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at
the heart"? [I Samuel 16]  If that is indeed the
normal tendency of mankind, then the multi-step
process of Matthew 18 was designed to work
against that normal process, and was therefore
a God-given safety net to help 'look at the
heart'.  But we are so repulsive to their sight,
that they add to the Word of God creating
'corporate shunning' and creatively avoid His
safety net.

Yes, I think that we are that repulsive.  We are
the modern lepers -- more frightening to them
than any other sinner.  Dr. Stanley of Atlanta is
divorced, yet continues to lead a nation-wide
ministry.  Joe Dallas was bisexual, then married
and heterosexual, then divorced and
homosexual, then celibate, then remarried a
woman with a child and declares himself
heterosexual again - and was president of
Exodus and now even on radio.  Many churches
allow remarried couples to attend their services,
and even to become 'members', though Jesus
taught remarriage was living in adultery.  The
church is learning that "Christ affirmed the
highest path as the highest path, but gave
mercy to all that sought him".  But we are still
excluded even as we seek Him.... why?

Again, I think it is because we are repulsive in
their sight.  The outward appearance of our
presentation changes, and that is frightening to
them.  After all, if God allows such a mental
disorder to displace our gender identity, and
then the actions to deal with our dysphoria
causes obvious and outward changes to our
body, then perhaps He will allow such a disorder
to strike their son or daughter or wife or yes,
even them.  Our vulnerability as fragile humans
subject to the 'fall of man' calls to their
vulnerability and whispers frightening thoughts
to their own fragility.

Coming face-to-face with a friend dying of
aggressive physical cancer with no known cause
is extremely difficult.  Most of us walk away from
such an encounter feeling very small, very
frightened, and/or very vulnerable.  

Coming face-to-face with a cancer of the mind is
perhaps even more frightening, indeed.

Equally sad in my eyes, I watch our Lord
measure back to them what they have
measured to us, per Matthew 7:1, the Law of

        - they refused to wrestle with us in
    prayer to fight the disorder [Colossians 4:
    12], and thus tempt our Jesus to not
    intercede and fight for their own church
    'disorders' before God's throne;

        - they walked on the other side when
    they saw the repulsive wounds [Luke 10],
    and thus tempt our Jesus to walk away
    from their wounded ministries;

        - they refused a thorough investigation
    [Deuteronomy 19], to consider witness
    from experts that clearly 'see' the sin
    [Matthew 18], to consider our own
    testimony and witness' testimony in a public
    excommunication [the 'whole church' of I
    Corinthians 5], and thus tempt our Jesus to
    deny them the thorough investigation,
    expert counsel, and moving testimony that
    they need to heal their own dying church;

        - they took a stance of 'inflexibility' on
    the matter and closed up their ears, and
    thus tempt our Jesus to deny them the 'new
    wine' lest the inflexible 'old bottle' be
    destroyed.  [Luke 5]

So many of our community commit suicide.  

Yet, we that survived this mental disorder, we
who are 'lepers' in the eyes of man - not in the
eyes of God - heard His words in the beatitudes:  
we turn the other cheek, we carry their burden
yet another illegal month or year, we resign our
case in God's court and give them twice what
they require, and we even bless those that have
cursed us [Matthew 5].  We also learned to
teach all men gently, without anger nor revenge
[II Timothy 2:24,25].  We continue to wash our
family with the counsel of God's word
[Ephesians 5:26], even as the church and family
walk away from us.  We accept more injustice,
and then commit ourselves to the One that
judges justly [I Peter 2:23].

They tempt Christ to put away their 'candlestick'
from His presence [Revelation 2:5]; and we are
given instead a furnace in which our faith
becomes pure gold [I Peter 1:6,7].

'Tis a trade-off that I wish they understood.

Much love always;  Caryn


(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
Christianity Today Magazine
A friend that is diagnosed with
Gender Identity Disorder (GID),
and a Christian, was interviewed
Christianity Today Magazine.

That is totally cool!  yes!

For those that wonder....
Christianity Today Magazine is an
evangelical protestant publication
that endeavors to provide "News
and commentary from a Biblical

I hope you caught that point... it
provides "news" and then
"commentary".  The perspective is
"Biblical", but not necessarily
referenced to scripture.

Christianity Today Magazine, and
its .com website have every right
to publish what they wish.   But, in
my opinion, their commentary can
be very alarmist over issues that
need deeper and more careful
Biblical examination.  Here's one

    "The danger is that gay
    marriage [if legalized in the
    USA] has always had the
    potential to be a wedge issue
    for other, more controversial
    forms of marriage like
    polygamy. Don't laugh. In
    Holland, there has already
    been one polygamous
    marriage."  [christianitytoday.
    com, Oct 12, 2006, Author:
    David Aikman]
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