Welcome to my personal site.

I've come to realize that the site can be a bit
confusing, so I put together three ways to
navigate this website, k?

Look at the small menu in the upper left hand

1.  Click on "HOME - MAIN PAGE", and you will
return to the main page of this site.  This allows
you to navigate by Table of Contents, just like you
were reading a book from your local library.

    But... the sub-chapters of the "book" are

2.  Click on "SITE MAP", and you will see every
chapter and sub-chapter of this site.  These are
shown as "levels" (which sounds intimidating, but
really is not).  This is like reading the Index you
normally find in the back of a library book.

    Again, you will see every posting, page, short
    work, or chapter on "SITE MAP".

and you will see the last several postings, and their
date of posting.

    While this view does not show every chapter,
    regular visitors love this view because they will
    see the last 10 or so most recent postings.  
    This can help you from sifting through
    everything and wondering "Is that new?"

Soooo, take your pick!  It is as easy as 1, 2, 3,
right?  <smile>


Much love in Christ, always;

Caryn LeMur

(C) Copyright 2006 Caryn LeMur
The Writings of Caryn LeMur
How to Navigate This Site