Dear ones:

May you both light a candle,
When grief knocks on your heart.

    May you see the full spectrum,
    The good, the bad, and neutral parts

    That the loved one now gone,
    Shined into your hearts.

And then,
Thank the Lord for the loan of His light,
And may your candles shine
Love's soft spectrum to heal others in our sight.

For surely our own light is but a loan,
Until the Wind touches our flame
And gently calls our souls home.

Much love;  Caryn and Bonnie


(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
May You Both Light A Candle
Bill's father passed away.

Bon and I wanted to offer some
comfort to him, and also, to his
wife.  After all, she had lost a

After my return from surgery, Bon
and I searched the gift shops for
something special.

We finally settled on two
candlesticks, and bought them.  
Bon wrapped them that evening,
and then, I took quite sick.

A few days later, Bon drove us
over to Bill's house, and she
placed the gift on his porch.  I
stayed in the car, unable to drive
or to walk.  Sometimes, it is very
good that we are a team, right?

That evening, I sent them this


May You Both
Light A Candle
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