Dear C:

Thank you for your kind words [about my

There is truth to the saying that to me, words
are music.  That is, they are played within my
mind in rhythms and meters, and make sounds
even if they are as soft as the dew on a spider's
web.  Why?  I really do not know.  Perhaps it is a
gift of God; perhaps my own mind is cross-
wired; or perhaps I think in images and logic,
and watch the pendulum swing between the
two, fascinated at some internal time-piece
within my own mind.

But, I pause carefully.  For the men and ladies
that are here on TG-C, so often write in love.  
And the scripture so softly whispers, "If I speak
in the tongues of men and of angels, but have
not love, I am only a resounding gong or a
clanging cymbal." [I Corinthians 13]

Within the concept of that verse, I like to think
that in heaven, there may be scales, of a sort.  
And on that scale, words weigh nothing, but love
weighs one ounce.  

And in my imagination, angels lay my words on
that scale, and one calls out,

    "Search her words!  Was there patience;
    was there kindness?  

    "Did her words not envy, not boast, and not
    be proud?  

    "Were her words not rude, and not self-

    "Were her words not of anger nor a record
    of wrongs?  

    "Did her words not delight in evil but rejoice
    with the truth?  

    "Did her words always protect, always
    trust, always hope, and always persevere?"

And hopefully, the angel weighing the words
replies, "The search is done.  Her words are
weighed.  Now write this down in her book, 'one
ounce was found'."  

One ounce of love was found.  Not a pound; not
a kilo; not a chest filled with golden love.  Not a
treasury; not a storehouse.... but rather, just
one ounce.  Just one ounce of love was found
amidst all those words on those heavenly scales.

And that is good.  

    -  For when one member of the family on
    TG-C writes "I hear you." - then one ounce
    is found.

    -  When another writes, "You are in my
    thoughts." - one ounce is found.

    -  When yet a third writes, "I truly don't
    know what to say, but give you my hugs
    instead of my words..." - yes, one ounce is

To me, the goal is not the eloquence of the
words nor the staggering weight of the logic.  
The goal is not the length of the paragraphs nor
the preponderance of the evidence.  The goal is
not the beauty of the rhythm, the touch of the
meter, nor even the painting of a scene within
the mind.

The goal is love.  The goal is to give love... just
one ounce... just one ounce of love.

And that,
can be,
just one word
in one letter
at that one moment
of deep need.

"If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels,
but have not love, I am only a resounding gong
or a clanging cymbal."

May every person on TG-C feel free to write -
whether long or short; whether eloquent or
straight-forward.  For our Lord records not the
weight of the words of men nor of angels, but
rather, He makes an eternal note of the ounce
of love that you so generously share.

Much love in Christ always and unconditionally;



(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
One Ounce Of Love
I often write and post on the
yahoo group,  

If you will, think of the yahoo
group as an on-line support or
discussion group that sends (that
is, posts) emails.  

My experience with groups has
taught me that often 10 or so
authors will become the dominant
voices of the group.

While this may work for some
groups, the Bible states we are to
grow by "that which every joint"
of the Body of Christ supplies.

"Every joint" means every
Christian.  That's right... everyone
has something to contribute.

I hope you enjoy this writing of
mine, and reconsider how
important your inputs into the
Body of Christ can be.

No matter how well you write; no
matter how short your notes --
your input matters.


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