When our Lord 'bumps' someone out of denial and
into anger, it can be so that they begin the healing

    As the medic might say to the soldier "I am
    sorry that you hurt, but these bandages on
    your wounds are now rotting.  Bite down on
    this rolled towel, because I'm about to pull
    them off."  There are many towels with teeth-
    marks in this particular yahoo group, for our
    Lord has pulled the rotting bandages of denial
    off, and it hurt.

But now, He gives us the chance to live our lives.  
We are among the blessed, for many beg Him to
cover them again with rotting bandages of denial,
and they die an internal death long before their
external body ceases to function.  

    Sure, the removal hurt... but one day, you'll
    find a soldier that put those bandages back on,
    and that is now a walking-dead-man... and
    you'll thank God for putting you through the
    pain.  You may have scars, soldier, but you'll be
    alive, truly alive.....

So, please be angry with Him (last I checked, He is
very big, and can take it).  Later, bargain with Him
and notice His smile as He hears out your offers,
but kindly makes no deals.  (Sometimes, I notice,
He even acts like He thinks He is God.... hmmmm..
do you think?... maybe... He is???  <small grin>)  
When you are depressed, softly chat with Him
about the shattered expectations... you'll find that
He gives excellent comfort, and a 'peace that
passes understanding'.  (And, that peace will only
cost you an honest chat or two with Him... oh, some
folks call it prayer, by the way....)

     When you reach 'acceptance', strange things
    happen.  That seed that fell into the ground
    and died (in the depression phase), starts to
    sprout, grow, and bear fruit thirty-fold, sixty-
    fold, even a hundred times over.  (Sounds
    poetic, but He wrote that down long ago...
    sigh... it's really plagiarism on my part, ...

On to more serious answers:

"He made you male."  Hmmmm....   I think He made
me a transsexual.  Or, that He allowed it to come to

Sin means to 'miss the mark'.  Others have written
about 'sins of the fall of man' and I suppose that
we could also write about the 'sin of disorder'.  

    The first is answered by Christ in John chapter
    9:  a sin of the fall of man (genetics, that is) is
    so 'that the work of God might be displayed in
    His life'.  

    The second is answered by the Spirit inspiring
    Paul the Apostle to write about praying for
    three seasons in II Corinthians 12, until God
    confirmed there would be no healing... and
    that His grace was sufficient.

Those that hold to the first type of sin-cause (sin of
the fall of man), ask God to use their life as His
stage, and to perform incredible works of Jesus
Christ upon it.  And Jesus hears their prayers.  

    He then puts aside the glorious clean trumpet
    that shines so well, and picks up us... dented
    by school children's taunts, bought and sold in
    the pawn shops of churches, shot with holes
    given by the rust of years.... and then He plays
    every note of music so well that the audience
    knows all the glory of the concert is due to His
    skill -- and not due to the tattered trumpet, at

Did you ever, just by chance, pray "Use my life for
your glory, Lord!  to you be all the glory!"  Neat
prayer.  Bad move for a shiny trumpet.  You see,
He uses the dented things, the rusted things, and
the things that 'are not even a decent trumpet' to
play His concertos.  I read that somewhere in
Corinthians... but Paul wasn't talking about
trumpets, instead, he wrote about people.  

    That passage [written by Paul] even implies
    that He will allow the dents, the rust, and the
    abuse of pawn shops, to create a perfect
    instrument for His glory.  Think about it... a
    'perfect instrument' is one that is whole, shines
    like gold, and is treasured by the audience...
    but a 'perfect instrument for His glory' is one
    that is dented, rusted, and abused.

     Sometimes, we pray to be a 'perfect
    instrument'... other times, we pray to be a
    'perfect instrument for His glory'....  I think
    that I wanted the first prayer in my heart... I
    think He answered the second.

Those that hold to the second type of sin-cause (sin
of disorder), often grieve deeply when He speaks
that He will not heal them of their disorder.  It is a
time of agony for them.  

    After all, we had hoped to be the one that
    would be healed, and would forever talk about
    the leprosy -- white as snow -- that left our
    skins.  We would serve Him with hands that
    were whole; with bodies that were attractive
    to all; praising Him always in the temple with
    the multitudes.  Instead, we are still lepers.  
    And our hands are weaker now... our bodies
    radically changed ... and those within the
    temple drive us away saying "Unclean!  

Who wants to be a miracle-healed leper?  I see
those hands raised in the congregation!  Yes!  

Who wants to stay a leper?  Hey... where did all
those raised hands go?

No one, really wants to be a leper.

But... when my hands were too weak, He stretched
out one with nail prints and brought me a new job,
new friends and many prayers.... when my body
had changed a dozen ways, He taught me how to
dress it, and to walk, and to talk...  when those in
the temple called me 'unclean', He dried my tears.

No one wants to be a 'leper', yet so many say they
wish to walk with Christ... but they won't pay the
price of deep humility.  We that are lepers pay that
price every time we look in a mirror... we have no
choice but to call out to Him... we are humbled and
walk in humility every day...and suddenly, He is
there, closer than ever before.  

"Just a closer walk with thee... grant it Jesus, if you
please...."  I know I sang that somewhere at
sometime... I guess, He took it seriously, yanno?

Much love in Christ always and unconditionally;



(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
It Is Good That You Are Angry
The author's letter was on   
TG-Christians , the yahoo group
that I enjoy so much.

He wrote that he was "angry at
God" for making him male.

I replied with a lighter walk
through a hard subject...


It Is Good That
You Are Angry

Dear M.:

I offer that there are serious
answers to your question... oh,
and perhaps with a bit of
tongue-in-cheek along the way...  
shall we? <soft smile>

- It is good that you are angry,
because that shows the process of
grieving is in motion.  According to
the Kubler-Ross model, the first
phase is denial, and the next
phase is anger.  Then come
bargaining, depression, and finally
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