Two they were, and frightened men,
     Each stripped naked, and but then
     Hammered into crosses tall
     Condemned to die before nightfall.
     So alike in life, they suffered same
     Just before death came to claim
     For eternity.

     One's last breath now pours out hate;
     The other speaks with child-like faith.
     One with tongue the viewers lashing;
     “Remember me” the other asking.
     So unlike they were at final speech,
     That they parted, one man each
     For eternity.

     Between them died the Lamb of God
     Unjustly slain by Governor’s nod.
     Only one a savior claimed.  How sad!
     Each man could have been unchained!
     The Lamb would have welcomed both,
     The story of Cal’vry gladly rewrote,
     For eternity.

     So it is, betwixt you and I,
     For each of us shall one day die,
     Between us now stands the Lamb
     Arms opened wide for every man.
     Brother, I beg you, welcome Him in
     So that we may be forever friends
     For eternity.


Dear B:

Be brave.  Keep sharing with your brother.  
There is still time for him to hear and for him to
rewrite his story.  Perhaps your brother will call
upon Him in the final minutes, even without your
knowledge, and you will have his company, for

Be brave.  Much love in Christ;


(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2006
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
For Eternity
What do you say to someone
whose brother is dying?

What do you say when that
brother may be gone within a few
short months or weeks?

What do you say to encourage the
Christian to continue showing love
to that brother and to continue
sharing the opportunity for eternal

Sometimes, all I can do is close my
eyes, and write, and write, and

And then, erase.  Cry.  And write

This is what I sent to that
someone, a member on the yahoo



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