And shepherds walked into the stable,
And surrounded the new born child.

    They excitedly told the wide-eyed mother
    of the angels,
    And tried to repeat the angel-songs they
    heard to Joseph,
    With voices cracked from excitement and
    years of having seldom sung before.

    They counted on their calloused fingers,
    trying to explain
    The number of heavenly beings they saw.
    And drew upon the dusty ground with sticks,
    Trying to show how the angels arranged
    themselves in flight.

And then, the shepherds left that stable behind,
Rejoicing in all that they had heard.

But Mary and Joseph were exhausted
from the birth of their first child, and
Even more exhausted from the stories of the

Thus the father and mother soon fell asleep
Upon the hay of the stable with the child
between them.

“It is God’s Son!”  Whispered the cow.

“I knew that all along.” Scolded the rooster.

But the dove flew next to the child,
And plucked some down from her breast.
And she placed the dark down beside the head
of the sleeping babe.

“Newborn Prince”, she cooed, “Though you
need so much more than I can give,
I give you what I can.”

And the newborn child opened his eyes,
And looked upon the dove.

And before the eyes of the cow and the rooster,

The dark gray dove turned

Forever white.


Much love always;  Merry Christmas Day to All!

Caryn LeMur

(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2006
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
The Dove In The Stable
This was sent Christmas Eve,
2006,  to many friends throughout
the world.  Please read and enjoy.


To many friends;
    Who represent so many
    beliefs and hopes,
    So much tragedy and so much
Please accept this Christmas story
I composed as a gift to you all.


The Dove In The

“Twas bad enough,” mooed the
cow, “that the child was born
tonight, in my stable.”

“The noise!”  Strutted the rooster,
waving his colored feathers
about.  “Perhaps we can sleep
now!  Yes!  Sleep!”

“Look!”  Cooed the dark gray
dove.  “Shepherds are coming in!”
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