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Who Then Blew Out The Candle?
Larry Norman passed away a few
days ago.  Today, March 1st,
2008, was his funeral in California.

I am in Virginia, about 3000 miles

I never heard Larry in concert.  I
never saw him in person.  But I
recall a friend of mine playing
large vinyl records, and being so
excited about Larry's songs.

And then, my friend taught me a
song called, "I am a Servant".

John K., my friend, then played
the piano and I sang Larry's song
for our church.  I believe this was
in 1976 or 1977.

So, this eve, I composed a small
piece in honor of Larry Norman
and posted the piece among many
others on Larry's website.

Tis but one flower among
thousands of others, as we grieve
together and comfort each other.

May this then, also comfort you.


Who Then Blew
Out The Candle?

In my house I heard a noise,
perhaps a turning of a handle,

I whispered out, "Tis now more
dark?  Who then blew out the

His Spirit calmed my fears, and

Spoke so softly once again

"Daughter, eyes of earth so often
see the ending of a tomb,

I simply moved his candlestick to
my better room."


Dear Larry:

May you shine His songs of praise,
as He walks
among the candlesticks of saints
on earth and in heaven.

Much love in Christ always and

Caryn LeMur
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