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The Most Recent Postings
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The Writings Of Caryn LeMur

The Most Recent Postings
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Posted:   Christianity Today Magazine.  A friend has just
been interviewed by Christianity Today Magazine - and she's a
Christian and diagnosed with GID.  What do you think?
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September 24, 2007
Posted:   The Practice Of Forgiveness.   Her secret
confidences were betrayed  -- and the man that betrayed her was her
pastor.  But then she wrote that she wished to forgive him.
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October 04, 2007
Posted:   The Maturity Of The Driver.   If scripture were
an automobile, how would the immature and mature Christian drive it?  

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October 07, 2007
Deleted:   Letter To My Rapist.   It has taken 15 months to
truly forgive the pastor that tried to rape me with a secret letter sent
to me.  The evil he meant for me, God is turning into much good for
many others.  Thus, this piece of writing is retired.  
Deleted:  A Transsexual Christian's Response To
  Perhaps one day, I will rewrite this piece.  For now, it has
too strong of a 'call to battle' and does not sufficiently resonate a 'walk
towards peace-making'.
October 15, 2007
October 15, 2007
Posted:  T-Anything, Marriage, And Gardens.   Just a
fun and silly look at a marriage... oh, and thoughts on my maple tree
and my rose.  
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October 15, 2007
Posted:  The Gardener's Song.   Her father, a pastor,
passed into glory.  What might he and the Lord discuss over tea in the
garden?   Shall we eavesdrop on the conversation?  <smile>
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Posted:  His Handling Of The Shards.   He was only 16
years old, and he took his own life.  What do you say when the vessel
is broken, and only shards lay upon the ground?
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November 21, 2007
November 21, 2007
Reformatted:   The Collection Of Short Works,
Letters, And Poems.
  I posted a new format to help people
find the sections dealing with Sympathy/Grief, Thoughtful writings, and
Stories more easily.  
November 21, 2007
Posted:  The Sound And The Echo.   Written in July 2007
for a friend whose father had terminal cancer.  I decided to post this
writing in hope of helping others.  
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November 27, 2007
November 27, 2007
Posted:  It Is Good That You Are Angry.   The author
wrote of his/her anger towards God, because God had "made him
male".  I responded with a lighter walk through a hard subject.    
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Posted:  Thoughts On Forgiveness.   Forgiveness is easy
when the slight is small... but what about when the slight is
unforgettable?  Some thoughts that have assisted me over time.  
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December 27, 2007
December 27, 2007
Posted:  Christmas 2007 - The Wind and The
  A composition for many friends.  Merry Christmas!  Oh,
and about that Tigress... do you think she can see the air?    
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Posted:  The Sin Of Condoning?   Some churches will not
allow the GLBT, greedy, bi-polar, or obese to attend or to seek God
within the walls of their church.  They want to avoid a very special sin.  
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February 07, 2008
Posted:  God Does Not Make Mistakes, Right?   Have
you heard this phrase?  What does it show about the people that say
it and hold to it?
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February 07, 2008
Posted:  Who Then Blew Out The Candle?   Larry
Norman,singer and songwriter, "The Father of Christian Rock Music",
was buried today.  A small composition in his honor.
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March 01, 2008