Who Stole The Rose?

All the sharp thorns of medicine,
All the soft leaves of comfort,
All the red buds of hope,
Did not stop the thief.
Who stole the rose that was within my garden?

All the fencing off of family joy,
All the weeding out of small expectations,
All the prayers that watered the earth,
Did not stop the thief.
Who stole the rose that was within my garden?

And then I saw the Gardener,
And in His hands, He held my rose.
I bowed before Him and in tears conversed:
"Did you not know
that when you cut the life-branch,
you cut me as well?"

His rough right hand touched my tears,
And then He softly said,
"This rose will be upon the altar,
to bloom a thousand colors,
to live more than ever before.
She is forever in the Father's garden,
It was love that stole your rose."


With tears; Caryn

(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2006
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
Who Stole The Rose?
A spouse wrote to the yahoo
TG-Christians, that her
wife was dying one day.

It seemed like the very next day,
that the surviving spouse wrote,
"I lost her at 2AM".

Here is my reply, and the poem I
composed for the surviving
spouse.  I like to think that the
poem was a love song from Jesus
to her.


Dear K:

It took me a bit of time to recover
from your message, since I lost a
dear friend to cancer one year
ago this month.  I could not type
anything to you for a few days,
because I always recalled Joan,
my friend, when I tried to write to

May our Lord Jesus comfort you
with all comfort; may you know
that every tear is a precious
treasure to Him.  We mourn, yes...
but we mourn as those that have
hope of seeing our loved one

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