Though I was left as half-dead;
    The One who gave me eternal life, touched
    the heart
Of a Samaritan:

    To help bind my wounds,
    To pour in oil and wine,
    To move me to a safer frame of mind,
    To introduce me to an Inn Keeper that
    watched over me.

To this day, He and I walk those same
dangerous roads,
    For I have never forgotten those that were
    Samaritan to me.

We both say, 'you are most welcome', and hope
    Once again,
That you will see the wounded upon the roads
of life,
    And be Samaritan.

Much love in Christ always and unconditionally;



(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
And Be Samaritan
She wrote "Thank you" to me.  

And so, I wished to pen "You are
welcome" back to her.

But she deserved so much more,
for all the work she had done
among the wounded.

I hope you enjoy my "You are
welcome" back to her.


And Be Samaritan

Though the road to understanding
myself was long,
    The One in heaven gave me
Once again.

Though the thieves came and beat
    The One limited their blows,
Once again.

Though my clothing was gone and
I was stripped of dignity,
    The One clothed me with
    coverings of mercy and grace,
Once again.
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