Yet, as this short essay explores, perhaps we have
overlooked the example of our Christ.

Softly signed;



The Sin Of Condoning?

When I recall the gospel accounts of Jesus:

    I see a Jesus that healed a Roman centurion's
    slave.  By that act, I don't think Jesus was
    condoning Roman politics, military colonization,
    or slavery.  I think Jesus was condoning giving
    love and mercy in the midst of the storms of

    I see a Jesus that spoke to a Samaritan
    woman, answering her questions, and not
    driving her away.  By that act, I don't think
    Jesus condoned divorce, co-habitation, or a
    blend of paganism with Judaism.  I think Jesus
    was condoning friendship and a listening ear in
    the midst of the storms of life.

    I see a Jesus redefining 'love your neighbor' to
    a questioning man with a parable we now call
    'The Good Samaritan'.  By that parable, I don't
    think Jesus condoned seeing the wounded and
    walking on the other side.  I think Jesus was
    condoning that we allow our compassion to
    overcome the repulsion of seeing, touching,
    and caring for someone beaten, stripped, and
    left half-dead by the storms of this life.

Yes, there is a sin of ‘condoning’ – but it is far
different than many think.

May we learn to bear His likeness, and live out love
in the midst of the storms of this life.

Much love in Christ always and unconditionally;



(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2008

PS.  Use of this essay has been extended to others.  Feel free to state
source and "Used By Permission".  Much love;  Caryn
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The Sin of Condoning?
I wrote a small thank-you to a
person that sent me a blessing via

In the core of that thank-you note
were three small paragraphs that
I authored.  I thought about them
the next day.

Odd, how some writings become
more significant as I puzzle over
them.  Perhaps there is a gift of
'word of wisdom' as my
charismatic friends describe -- a
statement far better and more
accurate than the speaker

So, I redeveloped those three
paragraphs here, as I examined
the 'sin of condoning'.

After all, many churches fear
allowing the GLBT to attend.  
Some of their 'apparent fear' is
based upon the concept that
allowing someone to seek God in
their church is equivalent to
agreeing ("condoning") the sin in
the person's life.

Hence, the church forbids the
GLBT, the greedy, the divorced,
the co-habitating, etc. from
attending or even seeking God
unless they have 'repented' prior
to stepping into the doors of the
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