Quite a mix, isn't it?

I hope you do not mind such honesty.

I am not Jewish.  Let us suppose that my
neighbor is Jewish.  Let us pretend that one
night, someone sprays graffiti on
both our
homes, leaving the words "Die Jew Die."

I would view my outer wall, and call my
insurance company.  To me, it is vandalism.  But
my neighbor would be beside himself, in fear,
because of a history that I do not have of Jewish
persecution and hatred.  To him, the graffiti of
"Die Jew Die", carries incredible weight, and to
him, it is a hate crime.

How would I, Caryn LeMur, respond to the
graffiti of "Die Tranny Die" upon the outer walls
of my own home?  I would respond with
greatest fear, because of the history of
persecution given to the gay, lesbian, bisexual,
and transgendered (GLBT) community.  

The GLBT community has a history of being
hated, driven underground, living "in the closet"
or "in stealth", and even denying their status in
order to survive on the job, be allowed among
the neighbors, or to stay legally married with
their (now same-sex) spouse of many years.

We do not behave in such a manner because
there is no persecution.  And the persecution
has a history - it is not an illusion.  And some may
consider my transsexualism to be within their
definition of "gay" or "queer" - and thus, they
that are willing to hate the "queers" are willing
to hate the "tranny queers" as well.

Thus, the simple vandalism of graffiti for Jew or
Transsexual is now a hate crime -- not because
of the cost of paint or repair, but because of the
emotional fear based on a history of our
persecuted people, and the gut-wrenching
trauma that the crime produces.

Yet, some will call me 'evil' and some will call me
'good'.  Thus, I request you also consider the
words of Jesus Christ, an expert on the subject
of what is 'evil and/or good'.

Jesus had no trouble, according to Biblical
history, with calling a 'spade a spade'.

Jesus Christ stated that impartiality was a higher
truth than the categorization of 'evil' or 'good'.  
He states this important concept in semi-poetic
form, in the Bible, the Book of Matthew, Chapter
5, verses 43 - 48.  I have copied the relevant
text below from the New International Version:

"You have heard that it was said, 'Love your
neighbor and hate your enemy.'

But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for
those who persecute you, that you may be sons
of your Father in heaven.

He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the
good, and sends rain on the righteous and the
Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father
is perfect."

Yes, I wrote that I am a Born-again Christian,
and a person with GID.  It is indeed quite a mix.  
Yet, it allows me some eloquence to represent
multiple communities.

I therefore beg you to consider His words as He
described the Father in Heaven and also
'perfect' god-likeness:  "He causes his sun to
rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on
the righteous and the unrighteous."

Am I 'evil'?  Am I 'good'?  Such questions do not
matter when the higher question is impartiality -
for then, the question becomes "How do I make
the sun and rain of 'hate crime protection' fall
impartially upon the 'good' Jewish neighbor and
also upon the 'evil' transsexual woman next

I beg for the sun and rain of such protections to
fall impartiality upon us all that have a history of
surviving persecution and violence.

Thus ends my letter. I deleted the HRC-supplied
text, since you have seen many of those.

Most sincerely; Caryn LeMur


(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
A Letter To My Senators
Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
wrote to inform me of the need to
contact my Senators concerning
the Matthew Shephard Act.

They were kind enough to supply
recommended text.

After some thought, I concurred
with the need to write the
Senators of Virgina.  Yet, I deleted
the HRC-supplied text, and
provided my own.

Please consider my two driving
reasons for including gender
identity, and even perceived
gender, as a possible basis for a
"Hate Crime".


To my senators:

These next few paragraphs are
my own heart-felt comments.

I do request that you vote YES on
the Matthew Shepard Act.

I was born 'male'.  I live as
'female'.  I am called a
'transsexual' and also have been
diagnosed with Gender Identity
Disorder (GID).  I am also a
Born-again Christian, and an
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