A black eagle perched in the top.

The Wind blew in next to the Tigress.

The Tigress whispered to the Wind, “I am
waiting to watch the black-one climb the air.”

[For the tigers have no concept for ‘flying’.  
They assume that all birds ‘climb’ the air with
their wings.]

“Why so?” asked the Wind.

“To see the air, of course.” Replied the Tigress.

“Tigress,” replied the Wind, “my friend, you
cannot see the air.”

“That has been true before, Wind,” whispered
back the Tigress.  “But I am certain that this
time, I will see the air when the black-one climbs

At that moment, the black eagle stretched out its
enormous wings, and without a sound, leapt out
into the air.  The bird began to beat its wings,
climbing higher with every stroke.

“No!” said the Tigress.

“No?” asked the Wind.

“I cannot see it!  I cannot see the air the black-
one climbs!” replied the Tigress.

The black eagle was now climbing higher in the
air; his large wings beating up and down; his
body growing smaller as he continued to move
farther away from the Tigress and the Wind.

The Tigress was silent for a time.

And then she whispered, “I can see the ground
upon which I walk.  I can see the rocks upon
which I climb.  I can see the message trees.  But
I cannot see the air?”

“Tigress,” whispered back the Wind, “the black-
one cannot see the air either.”

“What?” said the Tigress.  “The black-one climbs
on what it cannot see?”

The Tigress slowly stood to all fours, and then
she said, “That is a thought that is frightening.”

“No”, softly replied the Wind, “That is a thought
that is called ‘faith’.”


Merry Christmas to Everyone!

May you climb upon your faith ever more in the
New Year!

Much love always and unconditionally;

Caryn LeMur and Bonnie Kingsley
December 25, 2007

(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
Christmas 2007 - The Wind & The Tigress
This was sent Christmas day,
2007,  to many friends throughout
the world.  

Some friends are Christians, some
are Buddhists, some have Native
American beliefs, some are
agnostic.  Some regard GLBT as
'sin of choice'; some regard GLBT
as 'sin of the Fall of Man'; some
see no 'sin' at all.  Yet, they all
kindly remain my friends.

Please read and enjoy this

Much love; Caryn


Christmas 2007 -
The Wind and The

The gold and black Tigress sat
very still at the edge of a clearing.  
Here, the jungle stopped for a
time, and the grasses grew.

But, in the center of the clearing,
was a tall tree, the upper
branches stripped of all life.
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