I am sorry so many tough things are happening
to you.  May our Lord increase your faith and
then intervene.

About 1990, I visited a church I had known in my
youth.  It was near a fire station and a hospital.  
I said 'hello' to the new pastor (they had a few
since I was last there).  During our
conversation, the pastor said, "The elders gave
me their 'standard speech' about the hospital
next door -- they'll complain about our parking
in their spaces, and they told me to not worry,
God always takes care of the hospital."

The battle with the hospital was so much a
'norm' that the elders had seen God's hand time
and time again.  I guess I'd call this concept
'repetition'.  And, the faith of that group of
elders was rock-solid.

I had a youth pastor named Clyde that told me
over 33 years ago that the problem in the Book
of Exodus was "transference" -- that is, that the
children of Israel could not transfer their belief
from one circumstance to the next circumstance.
 For example, God supplied water... but gosh,
could He then supply meat?  Or, God supplied
defeat to Egypt's super power, but could He
then defeat the lesser powers in the Promised

Repetition and transference.  I think God uses
both.  But I tend to think that the wise are the
ones that use lots of the latter... .

I wish to thank God that during your 'exodus' He
heard your prayers, helped you with grieving,
sent you a wife that was not overcome by
repulsion but had compassion, gave you jobs
and contacts, and is rebuilding your life at so
many levels:  spirit, soul, and body.  May He give
you the courage of Joshua, when he was a spy
and saw the realities of past battles and the
coarse reality of 'giants' in future ones... but
then, he understood 'transference'.  And
Joshua's faith grew.

By the way, when I attended to my Mother's
death last April and May, I drove by that small
church near the fire station.  The fire station
was still there; the church - The Long Beach
Alliance - was still there and filled with people.  I
saw one of the elders there, and spoke to the
latest pastor for a bit -- he was filled with the
love of Christ.  

Oh, and the hospital?  It was torn down to the
ground.  There was lots of available parking.  

Much love in Christ always and unconditionally;



(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
The Collection of Short Works,
Letters, and Poems
Repetition and Transference
There are really two levels to this

The first and obvious level is a
note to a friend, to help cheer her
on during a difficult time.

The second level is to give credit
to a 'youth minister' of mine, some
33 (or more) years ago.  If you
are a youth minister, I hope
realizing that God can call back a
passing conversation years later,
helps you to know that "your labor
is not in vain".

Indeed, if the pastor had not
spoken to me; and if the youth
minister had not spoken to me; I
may have had very little to offer to
my friend.

Please read and enjoy!



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