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On these pages are many canvases;

Painted with passion, dotted with anger;

Sponged over with love, and brushed
with concern.

Some were painted for friends with

And others for the blind that stumble.

Some drawn in clear black-ink thoughts

With logic razor-cut.

But others sketched in blood from wounds

And sprinkled with tears from betrayals.

Such is the gallery of my heart.

For this daughter of Jesus

Is learning the Law of her Christ

And painting with words is her passion.


Much love in Christ, always;

Caryn LeMur

(It's like the English tenses:  rin, ran, and run.
I'm not Carin, I'm not Caran, but I'm the past tense:
Carun.  And then, just add "leh-Muhr" and you've
got it! <smile>).

(C) Copyright 2010 Caryn LeMur
The Writings of Caryn LeMur

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