I am so amazed at a very small passage in

Galatians 6:1 & 2 sum up the Law of "Christ" as
contrasted to the Law of Moses... it is such a
simple summation... so quick and soft spoken
that I think some cannot hear it... for it seems
that the mind of man believes in "escalation" --
that is, that since

- the Law of Moses was introduced by fire and
quakes and a ring of guards with orders to
"thrust through" with a spear any creature that
touched the mountain,

- that the Law of Christ should be escalated and
introduced by even greater purifying fires of
righteousness; shaking of mountains, nations,
and man in fear of the greatness of God; and
ringed about by guardians of the Church that
chastise 'evil believers' by thrusting them
through with the sword of the Word of God, lest
the evil ones touch the holy mountain....

But so softly, He speaks His law...  Who speaks?  
I read that it is He who is the fullness of the
God-head, He who received tithes from
Abraham, He who was there when the Law of
Moses was penned by His own finger, He that is
the fulfillment of the blood requirements of the
Law of Moses, and He that showed us how
mankind was to live the Law of Christ -- His Law
-- by following His example.

What does He say?  What is His law that He now
pens, not on dead stone, but on the living hearts
of those that will hear?  He says this, "when you
see a believer overcome by a sin, ... then come
along side him or her, and gently restore...."    
restore?  yes, to restore all or part or whatever
is possible to restore.... restore to what was
before?  no, sadly, the height and depth of
restoration is not our business for healing
belongs to Christ...

But we sit in the dirt with the wounded one,
pouring in oil and wine, and sharing love, joy,
peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness,
patience, and meekness through the channels of
self-control... that is, we share these fruits of
His spirit within us, with the wounded, like a
medic shares his water through a canteen with
the bloodied soldier that he guards with his own

It is little wonder that those that hoped for
escalation cannot hear Him.  Life is not always
glory and trumpets and fire.  Life is often dirt,
and filth, and war.  

But the medics can hear Him.  They laugh with
joy; they cry with abandon; and they restore
whatever pieces of life they can within the body
of the wounded.  Was it the soldier's foolish fault
that he stepped on the mine?  Or, was the
soldier deceived by the enemy?  Or, was the
mine so well hidden that no eyes could see it?  
Or, should he have listened better, obeyed
better, or perhaps executed his orders better?  
There are those that repent, pray, and fast, and
yet are overcome in this spiritual war.

The medic does not care about those questions.  
The medic keeps no record of wrong.  The medic
only works to keep some life... even the smallest
spark of life... alive.

I think the medics often know that some of
those soldiers will be wounded forever -- arms
that have been removed by a blast are seldom
retrievable, legs severed by a mine are seldom
restorable.  The wounded may limp forever,
until death, until that final restoration into a new
body for eternity.  

But the realization that the wounded before
them may be now forever deformed -- that
complete restoration is never possible in this life
-- makes the medic fight to heal whatever they
can all the more; it makes them scream into
radios their prayers for assistance from other
forces; it makes them talk to a bloodied face and
tell glazed eyes " I am not going to let you die...
don't you die on me, either...."

The medics can hear Him.  They can share their
water. They will save lives.  

They live the law of Christ.  


Much love in Christ; Caryn

(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2006
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The Law Of Christ
This short work was a gift  to a
couple -- Julie and Joanne -- that
showed much friendship to my
spouse and I.

After some thought, I sent this
short work out to many other
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