Friday, July 20, 2007

She sat there, for the longest time.


In the tree above was an adult male peacock, with
long feathers covering a branch.  He screamed out
into the night the call of the male.

The Wind blew in next to Tigress.  "Are you hunting
that one?" asked the Wind.

The Tigress did not answer.

The peacock again screamed into the evening air.

"Tigress," the Wind whispered, "Do you wish to

But the Tigress did not answer.  She remained

The Wind softly whispered, "Did you know there
was a time when there was no hunt?"

The Tigress still did not answer.

The Wind continued, "I spoke peace into existence
at the beginning of the jungle's time.  Only when
the people-ones were lost to me, did I speak the
hunt into existence."

The Tigress did not look into the Wind, but she
nodded her head.

The peacock screamed out again into the air that
was growing darker.

But no bird answered him back.

"One day," continued the Wind, "I will speak peace
into existence again.  Until then, the hunt

There was awkward silence.  The Wind said
nothing, until the Tigress felt it was truly her turn to

"Tis not the hunt that lures me tonight."  replied the
Tigress softly to the Wind.

The Tigress continued, "I hear the Screamer".

[To the tigers, the peacocks are called Screamers,
for their calls can be heard far away.]

"And ... ?" replied the Wind.

"And," continued the Tigress softly, "I hear none
that answer him."

The Wind was silent.

The peacock became silent.

The Tigress continued to sit, unmoving.

The darkness of the night grew.

Finally, the Tigress whispered, "I cannot hunt the
one that is like me."   

There was silence.

Then the Tigress softly whispered, in the lowest of
sounds, "We both call into the night, and hear no

The Wind grew silent, and paused in stillness.

The Tigress whispered, "It is difficult to realize that
while I am not alone,  there is none that can
answer my calls."

The Wind paused.  Both were silent for a time.

Then, the Tigress continued.  "I am not alone," she
whispered, "for my bound-mate is often near me.  
But, there is none that can answer my calls."

Both were again silent.  The darkness grew.

"Tis true," softly replied the Wind.  "Tis very true."

The humming of the night insects began.  

The Wind then spoke.  "Tigress, I made you.  I
made you far more complex than most tigers.  At
times, I wish I could undo what I made you."

"At times....?" whispered back the Tigress, as if
repeating something that caused her pain.

"If I had made you like the other tigers, you would
have others that could answer your calls."  replied
the Wind.  "But none now can."

"None now can...." whispered back the Tigress.

"Only I can answer your calls," replied the Wind.

The Wind paused.  The hum of the insects

And then the Wind softly spoke into the ears of the
Tigress, "Before you were born, I chose you,
Tigress.  I made you.  You are very complex.  Only I
can answer your calls."

The peacock screamed out one last time into the

The darkness was complete.  The insects hummed
their chorus without ceasing.

The Tigress slowly stood.

"Wind," whispered the Tigress, "Perhaps I should
call out to you about some deep matters.... some
wounds that hurt deeply... some wounds are now
scars... ."

"I will listen to your calls," replied the Wind.

And the two -- Wind and Tigress -- walked off into
the dark jungle, on the paths only tigers can see,  
whispering to each other.


(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
(C) Copyright 2007 Caryn LeMur
The Wind And The Tigress

July, 2007