Monday, November 06, 2006

The Wind found the Tigress.

She walked in a daze.

The Wind touched her face.

But the Tigress felt nothing.

"Your Bound-mate spoke to you, yes?" asked the

The Tigress did not turn her head.

"Perhaps," offered the Wind, "We should speak?"

But the Tigress felt nothing.

And heard nothing.

The claw marks on her face still showed blood.

The Bound-mate had returned.


    Atma jnana, the embers are glowing.
    Atma jnana, don't stir them my hand.
    For the fire of then was but an illusion,
    And the warmth is now forgotten by man.

    Atma jnana, the embers are ashen.
    Atma jnana, don't stir them my hand.
    For the fire of then was but an illusion,
    And the warmth is now forgotten by man.

    Atma jnana, the embers are dead now.
    Atma jnana, as is the hand, as is the hand.

    [From "The Last Song of the FireKeeper"]


Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Golden One - the Tigress - came into the Rocks
Of The People-Ones.

Her eyes were still blank.  There was no life in them.

But she stood on the paved stones, now covered
with gray roots and vines.  A head of a People-One,
made of stone, lay before her in pieces.  She
stepped around it.

She paused, noticing the trees that seemed to have
pushed into the stone pavement, and even up
towards the sky, parting the stone roofs.

She could not sense any people-ones near her.

The Wind blew softly by her and spoke,  "This was
once a temple of the people-ones, Tigress."

The Tigress walked slowly forward, the strange
surroundings helping to pull her out of her daze.

"A temple," continued the Wind softly, "is a place
where the people-ones once listened to me."

The Tigress began to hear.

"Over here," said the Wind as a breeze bent an
Elephant's Ear leaf down lower, "Over here is a
message tree."

The Tigress turned her head and looked.

The Tigress spoke slowly, "Clawed into stone?"

"Yes," replied the Wind, "the tigers often claw into
their message trees, but the people-ones are
known to have claws that can mark even stone."

And the Tigress moved forward, closer to the
column of stone.  She reached up and pulled down
the Elephant's Ear leaf that blocked her view.

"I cannot read these claw marks...." whispered the

The Wind replied, "The marks say these words on
the left message-tree:  EYL, NOO, EUV, MRE, Y>>."

"Those sound hollow like rain on leaf canopies."
replied the Tigress.

The Wind continued, "The claw marks on the right
message-tree say, 'YCTTB, OUHHL, URAOE,
>STSS, >E>ES'. "

"Again," said the Tigress, "The people-ones
abandon good sounds."

"No, Tigress," replied the Wind.  "Rather, the
people-ones abandoned ME, and thus, their lives
became hollow sounds.  And then, I let their temple

Both were silent for a time.

"I think that you," said the Wind, "should hear the
claw-marks of the people-ones' message-tree in
your language...."

And before the Tigress could reply, the Wind blew
upon her ears, and spoke the meaning of the two
message trees in the beautiful language of the

The Tigress paused.

She heard.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Tigress listened.

The sound of bamboo breaking ... ever so softly...
was behind her.

The Wind was  blowing carefully, and so, she knew
that whomever was behind, had already gained her

The Tigress turned to face the on-coming one.  She
sank into the grasses, and curved her ears forward.

The sound of grasses parting... ever so softly...
was now before her.

The Tigress listened even more closely.

"Bound-mate." called out the Tigress, rising with a

"Of course," came the reply from the other Golden

"Your steps have not changed," said the Tigress.

"Nor your eyes of trust, I hope." replied the Bound-

[For the tigers do not talk about their "heart" as
the people-ones do.  Instead, the tigers are
concerned about their eyes, and the trust extended
to other tigers by their eyes.]

The Tigress remembered what the Wind had
spoken to her about the claw-marks of the people-
ones, and then said, "My eyes toward you, are still
willing to trust."

And the Bound-mate softly butted the head of the


Thursday, November 23, 2006

They came.

Once a year, they came.

For it was the Clearing Of The Wind.

    Willing-to-Enjoy came to the Clearing Of The
    Wind.  His traveling friend, Thin-Silent, came
    with him.  

    Mountain came to the Clearing Of The Wind.  

    Long-Traveler came with his bound-mate and

    Little-Tiger came with her bound-mate and cub.

    And the bound-mate of the Tigress came as

Nine adult tigers and tigresses came.

They all greeted each other, and rubbed heads into
one another.  One of the cubs raced behind the
circle trying to catch a single green parrot feather.  
The other cub, just months old, had fallen asleep.

And then, the Wind blew into the clearing where
they stood.

"All stand before the Wind." whispered one of the
tigers, for all the tigers, but one, were of the
Wind's Pride.  And all the adult tigers stood, facing
the Wind.

And then the Wind blew upon them the smells of
peace and acceptance.

Each tiger lifted their head into the Wind, enjoying
the moment, and purring.  

Even Tigress, who was the oldest, purred.


(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2006
(C) Copyright 2006 Caryn LeMur
The Wind And The Tigress

November, 2006