Friday, September 01, 2006

She purred…. In her sleep…

The dream...

Playing in her mind….

The music… the dance…

Of the green…Of the jungle…

Of the moss … of the earth…

Of the sound… of padded feet…

The roll of golden hips…

The stretch of cat-like shoulders…

The dream… posturing… moving…

The Language of the Body…

As it beckons to be touched.

The joy of the Hurricane

As it licks rain through fur.

The desire that makes one pant

While moving near Black Water

Desiring… wanting…

To be desired…

The music… the dance

The dream.

For a moment, the Tigress lived it.

She licked her lips as she slept.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Four Breezes," said the Wind hovering above the
sleeping Tigress, "What have you found?"

The four breezes then ruffled the deep fur of the
Tigress, and to the surface came the drops of
water sent into her body earlier.

Each drop showed a glistening blue color.  

"They turn not red..." whispered the four breezes
with one voice.

"She cannot let go of the 'song'." replied the Wind.

"Who betrayed her so deeply?" asked the four
breezes, again speaking as one.

The Wind was silent.

Then, the Wind spoke, "Twas her first Bound-mate,
and then her second.  The Tigress poured her
sounds into the first Bound-mate, and then was
deeply torn.  She has once again poured her sounds
into the second Bound-mate, only to be betrayed."

The Wind was again silent.

"Will she," asked the four breezes in one voice,
"Ever again be cuddled about with full claws?"

[For the tigers have no word for love, except the
picture of a mother tigress cuddled about her
young, with full claws protecting them.]

The Wind was again silent.  The breezes waited for
the Wind to speak.

"I must silence the song." said the Wind.

And then, the Wind stirred the bamboo grasses and
leaves, and a blood leech was uncovered.

A small breeze blew under the leech, and lifted it
up.  Then the three other breezes pulled apart the
fur of the sleeping Tigress.

The Wind spoke, "Scar her heart so that when
touching distant mountains, she cannot feel pain."

At those words, the common leech began to glow
with black and purple light.

The small breeze carefully placed the leech on the
opened fur, and the leech burrowed through the

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Tigress began to awaken from her sleep.

A wave of thought came, a picture of the betrayal
for a moment, but then, she vomited.

She fell back asleep, twisting her body.

A wave of thought broke in again.  She awoke.  She
began to pant.  And then, she vomited again.

She shook her great head.

"the betrayal..." she whispered...and then she
shook as she attempted to stand.  

The large body of the Tigress fell back to the layers
of bamboo.  "Must touch..." she whispered "...
distant mountains.... the song...."  And then, she
shook as if in a sick fever, and drifted back into
deep sleep, shaking now and then.

The Wind spoke, "The scar is set and will not heal
for many weeks.  The Tigress will feel no pain when
she touches the 'distant mountain' of her betrayal."

The Wind then spoke to the fevered body of the
Tigress, "Leech, come forth."

And out of the skin came the enhanced leech.  
Behind the leech, the blood drops shown red.  And
the glowing leech quickly drank down the drops into
its body.

The leech ceased glowing, and tumbled to the

(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2006
(C) Copyright 2006 Caryn LeMur
The Wind And The Tigress

September, 2006