Thursday, January 04, 2007

"Tigress," said the Wind, "Why have you come

But the large golden cat did not answer the Wind.  
She simply stared at the tall cliff before her.

"We were here long ago, Tigress," stated the Wind

The Tigress did not answer, but walked towards
the shale cliff.  It was nearly vertical, with what
appeared to be thousands of gray-colored steps.  
She touched the first "step", and it shattered into
bits of thin stone.  She clawed harder, and the
shale shattered again and again -- some becoming
little shards, and others becoming sand.

"Tigress," spoke the Wind a bit louder, "Please
return to the jungle, that is where you belong."

"But the other..." said the Tigress to the Wind, "But
the other side is ... it is...."

"It is impossible for you to reach, golden one."
replied the Wind.

"Last Fight!" spit out the Tigress.  "You must give
me 'Last Fight'!"

[For the tigers believe that all tigers can be given
power by the Wind for the "last fight", that is, a
final stand for all they hope, against all odds.]

All was silent, and then, the Wind whispered, "I will
not give 'Last Fight' to you.... "

But the Tigress did not listen, and clawed at the

Sand broke loose from the shale, and poured out in
gray dust.  Her eyes grew wider.  She had once
climbed half way, and fallen, and nearly died.  But
this time, she did not advance even one length of
her frame up the cliff, for she could never even gain
a footing.

The Wind said nothing.

The Tigress, in desperation, leaped forward.  But
the sand had gathered around her back paws...
and she fell flat.  Panting, she lay there.

If Tigers could cry, there would have been rivers of
tears in her eyes.

There, on her belly, her fur coated with gray dust
and sand, she paused.  She turned towards the

"You built this cliff," she said.  "You built it, didn't

"Yes," whispered the Wind back to her.

"And you will not help me scale it, will you?"  stated
the Tigress, shaking her head.

"No, Tigress," replied the Wind softly.  "Your place
is in the jungle now.  You cannot go to the other

She rose to her feet slowly, and simply stared at
the Wind.

"No ... last fight?"  asked the Tigress.

"There will be no last fight against the cliff...."  said
the Wind.

"No last fight?"  said the Tigress again.

"No, dear Tigress.  No last fight." whispered the

And the Tigress, hung her head, and wandered
towards some large boulders.  Spent and
exhausted, she curled up at the base of the cliff,
within the shadow of the boulders.  She fell asleep.  
Golden cat covered with gray dust, she blended in
among the rocks.

The Wind watched over her.


(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2007
(C) Copyright 2007 Caryn LeMur
The Wind And The Tigress

January, 2007