The Institute above is well acquainted with the normal progression of Gender Identity Disorder (GID)
and has published a Standard of Care (SOC) that is used as the reference by professionals dealing
with GID.

The Bible states that we are "spirit, soul, and body" in a book called Thessalonians.  The disorders
of the body are most often attended to by a Medical Doctor (MD).  The disorders of the soul are
most often attended to by a licensed counselor or Psychologist.  The disorders of the spiritual realm
-- salvation, unforgiveness, despair, worry, etc. -- are most often attended to by pastors.

A great error by pastors is to assume that they are experts and qualified to deal with bipolar
disorder, pica disorder, schizophrenic disorder, GID, and the like.  They often are neither trained to
help with mental disorders nor have they obtained the credentials.

Again, the SOC helps to understand the normal progression of GID -- transsexualism is considered
to be severe GID.  It is a wise pastor that works with the credentialed counselors and doctors to
understand the realities of GID, what is happening to their parishioner, and what is within his/her
pastoral ability for helping the person with GID.  
Links To Other Websites

Roxanne's site is above.  She is also a Christian, and a transsexual.  I highly recommend that you
visit her site, and get to see another perspective.

I once watched Roxanne helping a transgendered person with the simple application of lipstick.  
Roxanne showed concern for the person, and a skill with the make-up.  To me, she was imitating
Christ's   love by touching the untouchables, and making water into wine.

She, like most Christian transsexuals, understand the profound need of the Transgendered
community for acceptance, affirmation, and gentleness.  She understands, and I think, lives, the
Parable of the Good Samaritan by being willing to touch the wounded and abandoned.

Jade Catherine is above.  She moderates the Yahoo! group called TG-Christians, which by the
way, is not an easy job!  That group has the following:

    - and a very full spectrum of believers (e.g., Greek Orthodox, Baptist, Messianic, MCC, to
    name a few); and
    -  an enormous age span (the youngest member is in the 20's, and hey, I'm in my 50's!).  
Jade's goal on TG-Christians seems to be support and concern -- no one is allowed to attack
anyone else in their postings of e-mails, though positions can be debated.  But the goal of support
and concern seem to be the over-riding themes of Jade's efforts.

Sandra's Gender Tree site is a good one to visit.  Sandra is also a dedicated Christian and
someone that is self-described as "Gender Variant".

Sandra has worked to help bridge the gap in understanding between the Christian community, the
University community, and the Gender Variant community.

Beck's Cafe is owned and operated by Becki.  She's decorated her cafe with an eclectic collection
of snippets, insights, and links.

When I tour her Cafe, I feel like I'm in Old Town Alexandria - a place in Virginia with more than a
hundred different shops and restaurants.  Her website is perfect for an evening stroll, and then,
when something catches your eye, well....  time to sit down, read, and enjoy.

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Much love in Christ always;  Caryn