Yes, that is me.  Oh, and please do sit down.  Would any
of you like some coffee or tea?

    - Very much so, we drink coffee, if you don't mind.

I don't mind at all.  Are all of you sure you wish to get to
know me?  

    - Yes, Caryn.  That's why we wanted this

All right, then.  Have you ever heard of the acronym:  

    - Gosh, Caryn!  Yes, of course we have.  It means
    Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender.

Oh!  Wonderful!  

    - Well, you are probably telling us all this as a lead-
    in to something, right?

Well, to be terribly honest, yes.

    -  And, we'll guess that you are a "Lesbian", right?  
    After all, that is the "L" in GLBT.

Ah, no.

    -  Say what?  Well, you can't be "Gay", because
    that is for the men.  Oh, you mean you are
    "Bisexual" and living with a same-sex partner,

Gosh, you are getting so close.  Try one more letter to
the right, k?

    - Ummm, Caryn.  If you are the "T", we've heard it
    means "Transgender".  But... we've got to admit
    that we don't even know what that word means.

Well, maybe that is good.  The "Transgender" label is
normally used for an entire spectrum of behaviors that
cross over normally accepted birth-sex actions.  

    - Sort of like when girls are tomboys?  

Ummm, yes... but ... tell you what, although there are
transgender children, I'm going focus on transgender
adults, k?

    - Transgender adults, Caryn?  

Well, yes.  I should, really, focus on the adults.  And
perhaps it is best for me to focus on those adults  that at
some point,  live  permanently in the opposite of their

    - We are listening, Caryn.... uh, maybe we should
    take another drink of coffee, yes?

Sure.  Drink plenty <laffing and smiling>.  At some point
on the spectrum, the psychologists call it Gender
Identity Disorder (GID).  They even list it in the "bible"
of mental health practitioners called the DSM-IV.

    - So, if we mark the left of the spectrum as the
    "temporary" folks that may live one evening a
    month as the opposite birth-sex, what do we mark
    the right?

Oh, mark the right far side as "Caryn".  The
psychologists call it "severe GID" or "transsexualism".  
You see, I was born a guy, and became a female.

    - Caryn!  You've got to be kidding!  I don't even see
    a trace of "male" in you at all.

Yes, and neither do I, I'm glad to say.... <laughing>  

    - What was it like to change genders?  What did you
    feel?  Can we ask what your church hierarchy said?  
    Are you married and is your wife still with you?  
    We've got like a thousand questions.... and a big
    nose. <grin>

<smiling>  Sure, you can ask all the questions you want.  
But you should know that Ive learned to think of
transsexualism as exceptionally unimportant in the
grand scheme of life.  Oh, transsexualism impacted my
spouse and I very much at the beginning, but we are
learning how to live and love through it.

    - And?  What else, Caryn?

And, I have just continued to live my life.  I was in-
between minded before, and then became female-
minded, and now I have simply let my body catch up
with my mind, that's all.  But I mention transsexualism
here, because transsexualism is a subject in some of my
writings on this site.  And because, if you have read this
far, you need to know that I'm quite often simply myself.

    - We'd really like to keep our friendship with you,
    Caryn.  Although, we admit that our minds are kind
    of 'taking it all in'.

That's ok, really.  A friend of mine once told me "The
news about you, Caryn, just sent my head spinning for
about 3 days... and then, I realized 'SO WHAT!?!'  Since
then, I just shrugged it off, and have no problem with
you.  You're still you and I am still me."  

    - Really?

Yes.  And one of my strongest supporters is a wonderful
retired military man.  His stance towards me is a
fantastic tribute to the men that are willing to defend
the liberty of choice in our country.  I appreciate their
service and sacrifice all the more.

    - That does make sense to us.

And, you did mention keeping our friendship, yes?  So,
really, how are your grandchildren doing?  My  
grandchildren are doing so well....  Oh!  and do explore
all my writings, because the writings are what this site is
all about, ok?  Blessings to you! <smile>

(c) Copyright 2006, 2007 Caryn LeMur
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