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Reason!  Analyze!  
Compare! And Imitate

It is quite acceptable to allow reasoning -- "
'Come now, let us reason together,' says the
Lord", right? [Isaiah 1:18]

In this manner, I hope that the Christian
community will debate and reason through my
analysis of various culturally relevant scriptures
and concepts.

-  Some may think of me as a heretic... just
remember, the debate should never focus on
the author's lifestyle, but the debate should
always focus on the analysis of the scripture.  
Do you recall from the scripture that Caiaphas
the High Priest spoke the Word of God, and yet
(I hope) no one is encouraged to imitate his
lifestyle of encouraging murder and illegal
arrest?  [John 11:45-57]  Therefore, always
focus on the scripture when reasoning.

-  Others may think of me as a solid
theologian... again, I would urge you to
examine my analysis of the scripture, and
compare my analysis to the words and life of
Jesus.  Remember, the scripture applauds the
Bereans, "... for they received the message
with great eagerness and examined the
Scriptures every day to see if what Paul [the
Apostle] said was true." [Acts 17:11]  Again,
always focus on the scripture when reasoning.

- Lastly, you will notice that my essays
emphasize imitation of the lifestyle and words
of Jesus, the Christ.  If you can determine that
a given subject is "right" or "wrong", you do
well.  But if can then take the next step, and
determine your
action towards the "right" or
the "wrong" by
imitating the lifestyle and words
of Jesus
, then and only then, have you
experienced the full and complete reasoning of
the Thinking Christian.  [And Jesus said,]
"Therefore everyone who hears these words
of mine and
puts them into practice is like a
wise man who built his house on the rock."
[Matthew 7:24]

What matters, then?  I think these matter:
    Analyze the assertions!  
    Compare the assertions to the scripture!
    Imitate the actions of our Lord Jesus!  

May our Lord Jesus give you wisdom!

Much love in Christ;

Caryn LeMur


Copyright © Caryn LeMur    2006   
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