***Introduction to the Short Works***

Conversation On A Cold Bench

"Why write short-short stories or poems?  Why write letters
or such small things?" He asked of me as we sat on a cold
bench in Washington DC.

I replied,

    "Why plant a single bulb in the garden when Autumn's
    cold numbs the hands?

    "Why gather colored leaves and place them in wax paper
    for children?

    "Why dry a rose that was given to me by my lover, who is
    my spouse?

    "Tis hope, tis sharing, tis memory."

And then, he smiled at me, and I at him, as we watched the
last leaves falling from the trees that lined a city street.


(c) Copyright Caryn LeMur 2006
In Deepest Sympathy -
Poetry for those that grieve
Building Faith, Hope, & Love -
Short Stories and Writings
A Cup Of Cold Water -
Letters For The Thirsty
A Pause In The Forest -
Poetry for thoughtful moments
Dear Friends:   Our Lord is gracious, and He has allowed me to
write many pages.  There came a time where I had to reduce the works to
only those I believed would help strengthen and encourage the highest
number of readers.  I hope you understand.

The Major Works are now at the top of this page.

The Short Works begin half-way down this page.

***Introduction to the Major Works***


On these pages are many canvases;
Painted with passion, dotted with anger;
Sponged over with love, and brushed with concern.

Some were painted for friends with burdens,
And others for the blind that stumble.

Some drawn in clear black-ink thoughts
With logic razor-cut.

But others sketched in blood from wounds
And sprinkled with tears from betrayals.

Such is the gallery of my heart.
For this daughter of Jesus
Is learning the Law of her Christ
And painting with words is her passion.


Much love in Christ always and unconditionally;
Caryn LeMur

(It's like the English tenses:  rin, ran, and run.  I'm not Carin, I'm not Caran, but
I'm the past tense: Carun.  And then, just add "leh-Muhr" and you've got it!

(C) Copyright 2010 Caryn LeMur
The Writings of Caryn LeMur

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The Major Works
The Last Days Of A Man Named Fighter   A Christian
fantasy that follows the maturing of a fighter in the Lion's kingdom.  
Composed of short chapters so that one can be read each day.  
The Wind And The Tigress   While this is also fantasy, it was
my actual diary during a deep and difficult time in my life.  If you know
the secrets behind the images... shhhhhh... keep the secrets.  
Observations For Those With GID   A humorous look at
Gender Identity Disorder (GID), primarily written for those diagnosed
with GID.  Hey... sometimes, we just need to laugh at our own selves,
yanno? <grin>